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DSCF0034We are a small outfitting operation that focuses on providing quality hunts. We are in this business for the shear love of hunting and not to get rich. This is why we only do a few hunts each year, with the goal of providing top quality hunts with a high percentage of success.

We operate “by the book” both legally and ethically. We believe that the majestic animals we hunt deserve a fair chase and a clean, ethical kill.

I came to Alaska as soon as I graduated high school and immediately fell in love with this great State and the opportunity it provided.   I took a commercial fishing job in Bristol Bay,  later worked charter boats in Cook Inlet, and eventually acquiring my captains license. In 2003 I worked as a packer for an outfitter and obtained my Assistant Big Game Guide license.  I spent a few years in the bush trapping and caretaking a lodge in the winters.   In the summers I guided photographers and fishermen, while guiding hunts for moose, brown bear, caribou, and mountain goat every spring and fall.   After 9yrs I decided to pursue my Registered Guide/ Outfitter license.

I have continued to guide hunts for my great friend and outfitter, Frank Sanders, as well as slowly developing my own outfitting business. My goal is to provide the best possible experience for all those that choose to hunt with us, and I only book as many hunts as a couple of trusted guides or myself can handle. I guide as many of these myself as I can, simply because I love being in the field.

If you’re looking for a great experience in this beautiful State I call home, then I hope that we can help you to achieve that goal.