Peninsula Brown Bear

IMG_0378If you are unwilling to wait on the Kodiak draw to obtain a coastal brown bear tag, and want a great bear hunt, I can arrange for us to hunt in Frank Sanders camps on the Alaska Peninsula for brown bear in the spring or fall.  I have guided hunts with him for many years in these camps and continue to do so every year.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_241 2These camps are mostly wall tents located in valleys along salmon bearing streams, for the fall, or coastal plains in the spring.  Frank and I  hunted these camps previously for another outfitter, and as a result we both have a very intimate knowledge of the area which has allowed us to maintain a very high rate of success year after year.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1c2Fall hunts are very conducive to archery hunting, and we have been very successful in this respect. There are some excellent bears in the area and both bow and rifle hunters take some phenomenal trophies out of these camps every season.

Seasons alternate between Spring of even years (’18,’20, etc.) and fall of odd years (’19,’21, etc.)

Brown bear 10day hunt 1×1 $24,000*

Hunts include all camp gear and food while in the field.  Hunting license/tags are NOT included.  Any gratuities for guides or pilots are not included.

*$1,000 air charter fee.