Kodiak Brown Bear



Application period for the spring hunt is Nov.1-Dec.15 and results are available mid February.  When applying for either permit hunters must be applied by a registered guide, and a guide/client agreement must be filled out by both parties before applications are submitted.  Guide/client agreements are a binding agreement that both parties intend to take part in the hunt if tags are drawn.  Contact me well in advance of the application period as the number of applicants is limited.IMG_2795

Camps consist of large tents such as Arctic Ovens or XWTs with cots and pads provided.  Meals are typically fresh foods for the first few days (pork chops, chicken, bacon, eggs, potatoes, etc.) with freeze dried being utilized as the hunt progresses.photo 1

Temperatures are typically highs in the 40-50’s and lows down to freezing. Expect some rain, good rain gear is a must.  Terrain is coastal gravel beaches and rolling hills, fairly open in many places, interspersed with alder choked ravines.  Reasonably good physical condition will make your hunt much more enjoyable and productive.  Hunting is purely spot and stalk and a great deal of time is devoted to glassing.  Depending on weather and general availability of food, bears may be located walking beaches/streams or on hillsides feeding.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1bf

Bears of excellent quality are available and we endeavor to keep trophy quality high, taking mature bears of 9+’. Typically bears on Kodiak have a larger skull to body size ratio due to the islands genetics.  This results in a Kodiak skull scoring higher (generally) than the skull from a brown bear of similar size that is taken on the Alaska Peninsula.

Sitka Blacktail deer are also prevalent, and in the fall, may be hunted with appropriate tags.  In this area up to 3 deer may be taken by each hunter.  There will be NO fee for first deer taken, a trophy fee will apply to each additional deer taken, to offset the cost of additional flying due to weight.                                                                                            Hunters are responsible for all their own expenses while in town (hotels, meals, license, tags, etc.) both before and after the hunt.  Once in the field all food and equipment is included in the price of the hunt.

Kodiak Brown bear Fall/Spring 10day 1×1 $24,000*

*$1,000 air charter fee applies.

Hunts include all camp gear and food while in the field.  Hunting license/tags are NOT included.  Any gratuities for guides or pilots are not included.