Mountain Goat / Sitka Black tail

These hunts are conducted on Kodiak Island. Our mountain goat hunt is a back pack hunt with permits available by drawing only.  Application period is Nov 1-Dec 15. Contact for details.

In this permit area there are roughly 300+ goats and it encompasses an area of over half a million acres. These hunts are accessible via the road system which helps to reduce a lot of the expense and logistics involved with the fly out goat hunts.

Hunters fly into kodiak airport, these are 7 day hunts. All food and camping equipment is provided for the time spent IN THE FIELD.  Camps are single man tents of quality manufacture( Hilleberg, mountain hardwear, etc.) Food is typically of the freeze dried variety when spiking out. Backpacking in allows us to access areas that are not hunted by “road hunters”.

Also during the goat hunt in this area, a Sitka blacktail buck may be taken for only the cost of the required deer tag.

This hunt can be physically demanding and you will need too be able to carry at least a 50+ pound pack over rough terrain.  As with any hunt, the hunters condition can have a significant affect on the success.   The terrain is fairly open with some timber and alder cover down low, goats are typically above 2000′ and the tallest peaks in this area are about 3600′.

Not included in this price are license, tags, airfare, or any hotel stays or meals when not in the field, taxidermy, etc.

Road system deer hunts are very similar to the goat hunts, whereas flyout deer hunts usually consist of a base camp with Arctic Oven tents and more fresh food being used.


Mountain Goat/Black tail Combo 7day 1×1 $9,500

Sitka Black tail Hunts:

Road system backpack hunt 7 day 1×1 $3,750/ 2×1 $2,750

Oct.1-31 rifle/ Nov.1-14 archery/muzzle loader.

Flyout hunt 7 day 1×1 $6,500/ 2×1 $5,500*

*On fly out hunt, up to 3 deer may be taken with appropriate tags. $500 trophy fee applies to 2nd and 3rd deer.

Hunts include all camp gear and food while in the field.  Hunting license/tags are NOT included.

Any gratuities for guides or pilots are not included.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA