These hunts are conducted in western Alaska, where currently Moose and Caribou populations are both doing particularly well due to the States predator management programs in surrounding areas. Grizzly are also prevalent in the area.

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Hunts duration is 7 to 14 days dependent on species being sought. All hunts are 1×1 unless otherwise specified.

Camps consist of cabins or insulated Arctic Oven tents, which are extremely comfortable even as the season progresses and the frosts get heavier at night.

As with most hunts in Alaska, a lot of our time is spent glassing the vast areas we hunt. Most of this country is relatively good walking, which allows us to go after animals we spot at a distance. This also requires that hunters be in reasonably good shape, you don’t need to be in “sheep shape” but the better shape you are in,  the more comfortable and productive your hunt will be.

The bulk of the season for most of these species is Sept.1-20th in this area, and most hunts are scheduled within this time frame.

We have seen and taken some excellent animals in this area very recently.  Regulations only allow bull moose with a minimum spread of 50″ to be harvested, and we try to take bulls in the 60+” range.  Only one bull caribou may be taken per hunter, this allows a lot of the young bulls to mature and there are some excellent trophy bulls in the area. Mature grizzly are typically in the 7 – 7.5ft range with a few reaching more significant size.


Moose/Caribou/Grizzly Combo 14 day 1×1  $38,000

Grizzly 10 day 1×1 $20,500*

Moose 10 day 1×1 $24,000*

Caribou 7 day 1×1 $18,000 , 2×1 $11,000 per hunter*

*Other species maybe collected for a trophy fee if appropriate tags/permits are obtained.

Grizzly $5,000 ,Black bear $2,000, Caribou (during moose hunt) $4,500.

Wolves-no tag required and no trophy fee.

An air charter fee of $1,500 applies to all hunts listed above.

Hunts include all camp gear and food while in the field.  Hunting license/tags are NOT included.

Any gratuities for guides or pilots are not included.

It is recommended that you consult the gear list, which can be found under the menu online and a copy will be sent with the hunt contract.